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OSELC learners watching a fox in the distance

Plant and Animal Relatives

For today’s Wicozani time, we took a nature walk. We observed our plant relatives, including cansasa (red willow) which is a sacred medicine. We observed the chokecherry in bloom, which will later produce beautiful berries for us to make wojapi (fruit pudding). We were also surprised to see a fox relative nearby!

Respecting Student Capacity

Our daily schedule is not a set schedule. We move the activities around, depending on the students’ capacity in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The sessions in red are “non-negotiables” meaning we do those every day.

Woope Sakowin virtues on OSELC wall
OSELC learners planting in the garden

Language and Plants

The kids got their hands dirty getting the plants they started over the past couple of weeks into the ground. The got warmed up by learning some of their Lakota words with a song. There was plenty of laughter to be had by all. 

Art & The Greenhouse

Creative expression is so important to our learners. Today, they used paints, pencil, and wood to express their creativity. The learners also learned why there is no word in Lakota for the English word “art”. 

OSELC Learners building a greenhouse