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Indigenous-Centered, Indigenous-Led

A Lakota-centered educational setting, provides Indigenous learners with a strong sense of identity, confidence, and ability to navigate any system they encounter…because they know who they are.

Elder educator instructing


A good Lakota leader nurtures and guides everyone toward the vision, lays ego aside to understand the power of shared leadership.

Learner in garden with teacher


Our teachers, where possible, should be Lakota or Indigenous. They should have education and/or cultural experience.

Daily Schedule for OSELC learners

Indigenous Pedagogies

Lakota-centered schools cannot simply replicate the same pedagogical approaches found in traditional (dominant) K-12 institutions and sprinkle them with language and culture.

Learners outside trying to fly their bird project

Indigenous Instruction

Learners show up with vast funds
of knowledge that should be reflected in their learning.

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